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Adam L.

Ohio Northern
Portage Trail AZA

My Programs

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Night Posted By Adam L

Based on 1 Rating

Save as many Sea Turtles before the end of the night by winning different competitions. Every competition a team wins = 1 saved turtle. The team with the most paper turtles by the end of the night wins.  » Read More

Youth is the Engine of the World Posted By Adam L

Based on 7 Ratings

Fun, friendship, and leadership are all great reasons to be a part of AZA… but they are not the “purpose” of our Order. So why are we here? We’re here because we’re about changing the world and shaping the philosophies and values of our society.  » Read More

Interfaith Dialoue Exploration Posted By Adam L

Based on 5 Ratings

A Meaningful Shabbat Program on Interfaith Dialogue » Read More

The Little Aleph That Could Posted By Adam L

Based on 3 Ratings

At one point, we fell in love with the Aleph Zadik Aleph and we certainly know why. It wasn’t being on board, an AZA business meeting, planning programs, or even an international program; it was the BROTHERHOOD.  » Read More