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Wear Your Sunscreen- BBG Separates

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Posted by Samantha B

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Helpful Resources:

Program HostRegional
Host RegionOhio Northern
Program TypeNew Member Convention
Time RequiredLess then 2 hours
Target Population(s)Girls (BBG)
8th Graders
Folds Targeted
People Participating60-100

Program Summary:

This program was done at our New Members Convention 2010. It is a BEAUTIFUL BBG Separates program themed around SISTERHOOD and growth as a BBG! This was the separates program our Regional Aym-Ha Chaverot made with help from the Regional Board.

Full Description:

This program was themed off of the poem "Wear Sunscreen" by Mary Schmich. The original poem can be found here:

The author of the poem lists advice she has learned all throughout her life, but her underlying message is to wear sunscreen because it will protect the power and beauty of youth.

The Regional Mit Mom re-created this poem, with help from her Regional Board.

Each of the regional board members went around and read from the script: some advice from the original poem, BBYO advice, what they have gained from BBYO, their favorite quote, wacky advice, who their first BBG flame was, and to wear sunscreen!

At the end, the meaning of sunscreen was revealed; we announced how sunscreen represents sisterhood, because it prevents harmful burns of life, will guarantee a longer life, heals and protects, and will keep one safe, just like a BBG sisters! Sunscreen will be there for a BBG  whenever they need it; it’s only a squeeze away, just like all the BBGs!!!

We had the MITs squeeze hands in their circle to represent that they just put on the strongest sunscreen of their life!

**SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT*** for script!

After the script was read, the girls went to the back of the room and got a brown paper bag that had their name written on it. Inside the bag was a dry water bottle. This was their "message-in-a-bottle."

Each of the MITs had a letter inside the bottle that was written by her Mit Mom. The girls read their letters, and then took about 10-15 minutes to write themselves letters for their message-in-a-bottle.

After all the girls were done, they got into a big circle again.

The Regional Aym-Ha told an inspiration story about how her life has changed from being a BBG. She had the MITs come up to the middle of the circle with her, one by one, and they each shared with the group a goal or dream that they wanted to accomplish in their years of BBG. This was really special to the MITs, because for some of them, it was the first time talking in front of a group. Each of the BBGs got a piece of beach glass to add to her message-in-a-bottle after she shared her aspiration so she would not forget about the dream she shared!

To conclude our program, we had a huge BBG cheer session!


-tea lights for a soft atmosphere
-brown paper bags
-empty water bottles
-paper + pens for letters
-ipod + speakers for background music (optional)
-beach glass (can be found at craft store)

Submitter's Suggestions:

This program can be done with any size group!